New schools looking to join the trust would receive access to a marketing framework structure of support. Marketing and communications are everyone’s responsibility. Every conversation matters. It is the Trust Marketing department’s duty to empower each of the schools, devise small teams but also effective lines of communication and centrally remind each other to uphold what we stand for and the brand expectations of the school in line with the Trust. 

We train and develop staff to ensure that various mediums to promote and market the school can happen successfully and in a timely manner. 

Working closely with schools allows our marketing planning process to run as smooth as it can. Teams are developed and supported so that they can uphold the schools identity and feel confident when producing content that is outward facing. We look to shadow the team to offer visual assistance during peaks of activity within the calendar year, whilst quality assuring all communication works.

Discovery is also a major role that the central marketing team plays. We ideate, plan and devise with you to make sure your academic year runs smoothly and on vision. All of this happens through a Microsoft central process which ensures projects are well planned and run successfully.

We know that not every school is the same. There are so many different USPs, challenges and capacity that need to be capitalised and promoted on. We also know that support can be very limited when it comes to marketing a school. We stand side by side with you to help inject clarity, cohesion and commitment whilst we boost the power to influence and communicate effectively.

We are the added arm to each of our schools making sure your vision and values are upheld and reflected through websites, video content, social media and printed material.





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