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Bishop Mark presides over our “Welcome to the Family” event at St Anne’s

The formal celebration of St Anne’s joining the Cranmer Education Trust took place after Easter. Bishop presided, all pupils received their new tie and staff their new lanyards. Pupils at Blue Coat, St George’s and Mayfield made a lovely video to welcome St Anne’s.  The link to the video is here – we hope this makes you smile!

St Anne’s Church of England Academy Joins our Trust

The Trust welcome St Anne’s Church of England Academy to our Trust from 1st March 2021. Visit St Anne’s website for further information.

Admissions Consultation 2022 Entry – Blue Coat School

UPDATE – Counting Attendance (2020-2021)

The period when church attendance will not be counted for 2020- 2021 will be extended from Easter to May 31st 2021, by which point we hope to have received further guidance from Manchester Diocese which is our legal authority.
This will also apply to the counting of attendance for families applying for 2022.

Following our recent Public Consultation on Proposed Admissions Arrangements for 2022 Entry, please find below the Consultation Response from the Trust Board, together with the approved Policies and Supplementary Information Form.

Consultation Response from the Trust Board

Year 7 Entry
Approved Admissions Policy (Sept 2022 Entry)
Approved Supplementary Information Form (Sept 2022 Entry)

Sixth Form Entry
Approved Sixth Form Admissions Policy (Sept 2022 Entry)
Approved Sixth Form Application Form (Sept 2022 Entry)

COVID Updates to Parents/Carers

Letters to Parents/Carers

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