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Mission, Vision, Values & Ethos

Our Mission

  • To transform the life chances of children and young people through excellent education and outstanding schools
  • To build on the inspiration and legacy of Thomas Henshaw, who founded schools which have enabled young people in Oldham to build their future for nearly 2 centuries
  • To nurture our pupils to become good people, good friends, neighbours, citizens, parents, whom we are proud to know

Our Vision

  • All our young people will enjoy a rich, stimulating education that enables them to become everything they can be and are meant to be.
  • All our staff will model behaviours for our young people of high expectations, kindness, personal responsibility and generosity of spirit
  • We have the highest expectations of all our children and young people on their educational journey to achieve excellence, meet and exceed national expectations and be able to progress confidently to further education, training, employment and life
  • Our trust will balance the need for central systems for consistency, effectiveness and strategic planning with the need to foster and support responsibility, creativity and commitment at the individual school level.

Our Values and Ethos

  • We believe in the unique worth and value of every individual. As a Christian foundation we express this in our belief in every child as a child of God, equal, worthy of respect, entitled to nurture, opportunities and a future where they can and will do good as they go along.
  • We serve children and young people of all faiths and denominations and none. We will nurture Christian children in their faith support children of other faiths in theirs and seek to ensure that all children understand the significance of faith.
  • We are committed to the development of all staff throughout their careers: and to growing inspiring, committed, highly skilled and reflective teachers.
  • We work collaboratively, we commit, we share, we invest and we learn to build a system that enables all children and young people, and those who serve them, to thrive.
  • Our schools are communities that bring together young people from different social, cultural and faith backgrounds to build a cohesive, integrated, respectful community for all.


Cranmer Education Trust, c/o The Blue Coat School,
Egerton Street, Oldham

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