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The Cranmer Education Trust’s mission is to be a leader of education and a provider of excellent schools which nurture children and young people and enable all to achieve, progress, and experience success, and to become good people, good neighbours and good citizens whom we are proud to know.

We are growing.  We welcome all schools, both faith-designated or community, who want to go on a journey together to build a great future for children and young people.

Our schools embrace the full age range from nursery to 19.  We welcome schools from all phases so that we can continuously improve our offer, particularly on transitions between key stages.

Our growth ambition is that during 2022-23 we will start to have conversations with schools who take an interest in becoming part of our trust. What is important, is that schools who join us share our vision and values and that together, we add value for ALL our children and young people. We have high expectations around this, that all our schools together create synergy to make sustainable transformations and deliver excellence in quality of education. We really can go far together.

We are prepared for sustainable growth. We have strong governance, deliberate collaborative networks, school improvement strength and our business framework with associated systems and staff are primed and prepared for others to join. The capacity is now in place for the next steps of our journey.

Our growth model and business plan works on the assumption that we will have 8,200 pupils by 2030 (4,500 in existing schools, increase by 3,700) including a 10-12 FE primary base to create capacity; a 33-35 FE secondary capacity spread over 4-5 schools; a post-16 offer of 450 based at Blue Coat; nursery and rising 3’s provision in each primary.

Joining a school trust

Do you want to know where to start when thinking about what a school trust means for your school, children and young people? We recently held a webinar to help school leaders better understand the school trust landscape. 



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