Our New Teaching School Hub for Oldham and Tameside – East Manchester Teaching School Hub

Through Blue Coat, we have been confirmed as a Teaching School Hub for Oldham and Tameside. It is an opportunity to help improve provision for children and young people across the East Manchester region. We look forward to working with our partners and are thrilled to have been designated.

Meet our new Strategic Director of Teacher Training and Development – Katie Dallender 

Teaching School Hubs will support schools and trusts to recruit, develop, and retain the very best teachers and leaders for the children and young people they serve.  To do this, we will signpost and deliver high-quality teacher development programmes across all phases and sectors for teachers at every stage of their career.  

Teaching School Hubs’ will play a significant role in delivering:

These core activities will be pivotal to the training and development of teachers throughout their career, providing children and young people with the highest quality teaching and school leadership. 

Our new Teaching School Hub is delighted to be working with The University College London (UCL) as a delivery partner for the ECF and NPQs

Our new Teaching School Hub website will be launched shortly, but in the meantime if you would like to contact us, please email on info@eastmanchesterteachinghub.com 

To find out more or register your interest to work with us, please visit our new website